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Oceans are dying and it’s humans’ fault

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After we recently wrote about concerning decline of population of insects and the collapse ecosystem is faced with, scientists have warned about another part of the ecosystem that is stumbling under the burden of human influence. They counted 500 dead zones in the world’s oceans, and the level of oxygen in general in the oceans has declined 2%. "There are also many places around the Mediterranean, including the Adriatic, that have had problems with oxygen decline as a result of high nutrient inputs from agriculture, sewage and burning of fossil fuels", said Denise Breitburg, lead author of the new research published in Science.

The insects are disappearing and the world as we know it could follow

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The abundance of flying insects has fallen by three quarters in only three decades. The situation is alarming and the whole food chain could collapse, the authors of the new research warned, stating that industrial agricultural is the prime suspects for insect decline. "Actions should be taken now to minimize negative impacts of agriculture on our natural world, and this includes minimizing effects of pesticides", the lead author of the research Caspar A. Hallmann said for H-Alter.