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After the Storm…

We were unpleasantly surprised when in the early morning of August 4th  Franjo Tudjman announced the start. My dream was to convince other environmental and peace activist in Europe that Croatia, more precise West Slavonia, as the place to organise Ecotopia ’96. I know a very selfish reaction, less than 40 km away the war is going on again and I am afraid that I can´t have my nice international peaceful ecological youth camp in the middle of it... 
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Warren to Sanders: If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me

Just one day before the January Democratic Debate and with the Iowa Caucus only weeks away, the Warren Campaign pulled a pathetic stunt by having "anonymous sources" report that during a private conversation in 2018, Senator Sanders told Senator Warren that a woman cannot win the presidency. Of course, there's no proof that he said that and anyone with common sense would doubt that the same Senator Sanders who once encouraged Senator Warren to run for president wouldn't suddenly adopt such a misogynistic stance. Of course, common sense and facts don't matter to the bourgeois media.
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A path to the nomination?

As the neoliberal establishment cannabalises itself and Senator Warren bleeds supporters after shooting herself in the foot, it does in fact seem that Senator Sanders could energise the party base, secure the nomination, and establish an intersectional coaliton of working class voters across the country to take the White House in November.

Torture garage for migrants

Half a year after the publication of our first article on the torture garage for migrants, and almost a year after the first testimony about the garage was documented by organisations, fearsome testimonies of inhumane detention of refugees and migrants continue to arrive. According to the descriptions, the garage in question is still the one in the police station in Korenica.

Croatian police uses electroshock torture on a migrant minor

In another one in a series of cases of mistreatments and beatings of migrants that are being pushed back from the border, officials of the Croatian border police brutally attacked K.S., a minor from Afghanistan, according to the Commissariat for Refugees and Migration of the Republic of Serbia. The boy, who survived severe physical and psychological torture, was first separated from a group of 16 migrants and beaten up at the border. After that he was detained in a dark room where he was beaten by four border police officers and subjected to electroshock torture.
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"No more will nor power to look at this"

There are new witnesses reporting police violence against refugees and migrants, and they are coming from the very Ministry of the Interior. In an anonymous letter sent to the Ombudswoman Lora Vidović, a police officer writes about the violent and illegal practices perpetrated at the border on refugees and migrants. "We have no more will nor power to look at what is being done to these humans", the officer writes. We publish the letter in its entirety.
Refugees in Belgrade, 2017. (Photo: Igor Čoko,

Among the beasts

H-Alter received a letter from a hiker who witnessed police violence against migrants on Risnjak. We publish the letter in its entirety. "When we got to the living room of the hut, I saw an automatic rifle on the table and two special forces officers talking to the home manager. Around 11 in the evening, migrants came. They were asking for water. The officers came out with batons and started to hit them, and one (or more) officers started shooting. In a situation where you have people who ask for water, and on the other side those who respond with gunfire and batons, with the approval of the majority of people present, you really have to wonder if you are in this situation on the side of the people or the beasts",
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Philosophy on YouTube

"One of the great things we can do online is catch people before they get radicalised the wrong way and invite them to get curious about other ideas. The right does a lot of their work in online space, especially YouTube, so we can be there making it harder for them if we do our jobs well," explains Oliver Thorn, the owner and creator of the YouTube channel Philosophy Tube. Twice a month Oliver publishes videos in which he tries to teach philosophy from a socially and politically conscious perspective to almost a quarter of a million subscribers from all around the world.
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"LeftTube is growing a great community"

The slower pace at which LeftTube has been developing is affected by the standard issues of the left – the limits of academia, internal divisions and scepticism towards "alienating" and highly individualised media such as YouTube. LeftTube, which is still evolving, is a good reminder of how the left can pave out a different course of action and be fun at the same time. "Many people do get their news from Facebook and YouTube completely, so sharing information online and working on educating and agitating the masses is important. But we can’t forget organizing", says Mexie, the YouTuber behind the eponymous channel.
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Europe is getting warmer!

An exclusive analysis of over 100 million meteorological data points shows that every major city in Europe is warmer in the 21st century than it was in the 20th. Subarctic regions, Andalusia and southern Romania are most affected.